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Syed Yaser Mohasin ShortList

Syed Yaser Mohasin ( 796 )

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General Information

  • Gender Male
  • Date of Birth 29 September 1993
  • Martial Status Unmarried
  • Mobile Number 8015665499
  • Address 1/19 Gandhi street, Panagudi
  • Nationality Indian
  • Objective Am currently looking for a job change, where I can contribute to the employer and also maintain a better work life balance.
  • Vacancy Category  Web Developer
  • Language Known javascript
  • Total Years of Experience 3
  • Expected Job Level Mid-level
  • Current Salary 630000 Indian rupees
  • Expected Salary 11000AED
  • Employement Type Full Time
  • Visa Status Sponser/ Relative visa
  • Interests / hobbies Gardening
  • UAE driving License No
  • Certificate Attested No
  • Notice Period/ Days - If You Selected 89days (currently serving)

Work Experience

Jan-4-2021/ (expected end date)Apr-10-2022
3k TechnologiesSoftware Engineer

Am Currently Responsible to delivering UI Developed using Reactjs and Redux technology. Am holding a Team role position where I need to handle the completion of the project as per the requirement. I also handle Client scrum calls in daily basis. Involved in UI Bugs fixing, which were encountered at the time of migrating application to cloud. Involved in daily Scrum sessions. Involved in manual testing and code review. Involved in the deployment cycle of code using Jenkins and Helm commands. Provided front-end development support through the entire project life cycle. Knowledge Transfer sessions and created wiki pages to support team members. Created a React js Project from scratch. Maintained Redux store for Centralized state management system. Made use of Redux-saga for API fetch calls Integrated Api to the application Meet business objectives by strategizing effective solutions. Plan and implement all stages of projects. Select the most effective approaches and processes. Use cutting-edge technical knowledge to come up with innovative solutions. Assigned tasks and monitored performance of UI developers. Communicated with the team to keep them up to date on project status.

MobigraphFront End React Native Developer

Created a React Native Project from scratch. Involved in React Native UI Design Development using Flexbox and bootstrap4 Involved in React Native UI functionality development using react lifecycles Integration of Admob using Firebase. Achieved sharing of images and videos in social media from Faceify React Native App using 3rd party libraries Handling React Native app performance on different networks. Local storage data managed using realm database later changed to SQLite Pure functional component created at every possible use case. Making Apps work on different mobile sizes by using Flexbox. Maintaining common state using Redux. Made use of Redux -Saga middleware for handling side effects such as API integration. Involved in daily Scrum sessions. Involved in manual testing of React Native app and code review. Learned publishing App in Playstore. I was the only developer involved in complete frontend development of Faceify React Native App

Thalir TechnologiesFront End React js Developer

Delivered a complex UI system for creating/editing/managing donor and receiver details Manage Blood Bank Inventory Developed the project from scratch and held responsible for faster optimization. Learned bootstrap to handle responsive web pages.

Summary of Skills


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