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Yousef Ataya ShortList

Yousef Ataya ( 253 )

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General Information

  • Gender Male
  • Date of Birth 23 October 1987
  • Martial Status Unmarried
  • Mobile Number +970593065515
  • Address Jenin
  • Nationality Jordan
  • Objective Senior Software Engineer. I had 11 years experiences. In Web Development. Backend Office. Frontend office. I am always up to date. I am solid in Java Backend development. I had solid background About Spring, JSF, ADF, SOA, Grails, BPEL. Debugging solver.
  • Vacancy Category  Computer ProgrammerITWeb Developer
  • Language Known English , Arabic
  • Total Years of Experience 11
  • Expected Job Level Senior or Executive-level
  • Current Salary 1000$
  • Expected Salary 8000
  • Employement Type Freelancer, Full Time
  • Visa Status Sponser/ Relative visa
  • UAE driving License No
  • Certificate Attested No
  • Notice Period/ Days - If You Selected immediately

Senior Software Engineer. I had 11 years experiences. In Web Development. Backend Office. Frontend office. I am always up to date. I am solid in Java Backend development. I had solid background About Spring, Jsf, ADF, SOA, Grails, BPEL. Debugging solver.I had a strong background about Spring Boot.Spring Security , spring JPA.Hibernate.Jasper Report , Dynamic Report.

Work Experience

pits-track.comPython Developer

PITS-Track.com/Palestinern– (1/08/2020)- Present

 •       Work on PostGis. Add Layer to shapernfile, Delete Layer. 

•       Work on Python Backend Restfulrnservices. Flask-SQL-Al-Chermy


•       Work on FreeTDS. Compile from sourcerncode.

•       Work on Perl DBI PostgreSQLrnIntegration, MySQL Integration, MSSQL Integration. Work on Addresses services.rn(postgis Lat, Lon)

Experts.psSenior Developer

Develop backend services under spring boot , spring security , Oauth 

springrn Data JPA , spring IOC ,  

DI, xml configuration, integrations parts with madfooatcom server and make sure the full cycle of 

integration is completed. develop backend distrusted cache for object , plus develop Policy Decision 

Point , Policy Administration , SSO (CAS),Oracle integration , ddd (Domain Desgin Driven) , akka for distrusted messaging system . Integrate activemq with hibernate and XADataSource for oracle, mysql, postgresql. Developed ignite caching system interacts with sql server. And oracle RDMS and postgresql server. 

Working on pinpoint APM, inspectIT, Working on BI (Business Intelligence System). Working on chatbot 

oracle vm linux .understand the main concept of Jms, components integrations with chatbot application 

and the integration part with facebook.working on digital signature with X509 certificate. Working 

deeply on JasperReport.working deeply on activiti workflow engine. For business process.working on 

ERP like metasfresh and apache isis compiling from sourcern code.compile Hadoop 2.8.3 – 3.x on windows 

and run services on Cygwin and windows terminal. 

Working on flink, kafka, SOA with spring framework plus working on WSDL. Working on ASP.NET for 

mixerp ERP compilation from source code. Working on proxy gateway for micro services projects plus 

working on spring integration 5.x with http, interceptor, jdbc, router, channel, and gateway. 

Proxy.working on event driven bus 

purpose.psSenior Software Engineer

Workrnon mizuphone Integration asterisk. Isabel Integration.


•       Work on Angular 10 , 11 , 9 , 8

•       Work on Bootstrap 

•       rnWork on ReactJs.Work on BBB ( BigrnBlue Button ) Jisti Meeting 

•       Work on Cordova Cross-Platform.

Al-Medina Group and Supplies / Oman C# Developer

Al-Medina Group and Supplies / Oman / (1/05/2012 /rn10/08/2013) 

•        Work on MVC 4 C# Integration.


•        Work on Crystal Report.

 •        Work on JavaScript & jQuery. 

•        Complex Oracle statement. 

•        Work as implementer also setting with Customer.

AYA JOSenior Java Developer

 Working on restfull servicesrn plus wsdl and soap services working on the integration with CBJ (Central 

Bank of Jordan), working on swagger, working jersey restfull services. JPA, Hibernate, xml configuration. 

Integration with bolaroo service provider for epayment system. Working on meteor, working on angularjs, 

working opentok for video conference. Have good experience onrn ISO Message 8583 pack and in 

pack message to handler thern fields of iso message 8583 depend on 

Business Innovation JordanSenior Technical Consultant

 Working on angularjs, and thern integration part with oauth 2.x with angularjs plus working on redis , JPA 

,Hibernate , Oracle , PKI private key infrastructure and working on the integration part with the central bank of Jordan. Working on swagger.android.bootstrap.jquery,javascript,spring security , spring mvc, spring data JPA , xml configuration,Working on oracle pl/sqlrn statement 

, Jasper Report, Crystal Report, SAP project structure plus working on ERP,ePortal developed under Java

Server Face. Plus working on another developed angularjs.rn Develop portal under MVC5 , Identity Server ,like syncope,midpoint,keycloack,WSO2 server , have perfect experience in Spring boot , spring xml configuration plus working on content negotiation manager , MVCrn Handler,spring security,Ouath2.0,android rest full services. Working on soaprn message context and creation 

Palestine CIVIL PoliceJava Spring Developer

 I work on e-Government project that was developed under grails and Spring frameworkrn plus working on 

activiti and Mule ESB. I work on Groovy Server Page with Portal design and extra features in case of 

Bootstrap as a responsive html5 development. Building a component for frontend such as dynamic 

menu items. Work on Jasper Report and Groovy Object Relation mapping with extra features like constraint and validation rules and working on spring security core and spring security taglib working on spring batch, spring ldap connection. config svn , config postgresql , config activiti with alfresco integration . drools integration with activiti and alfresco. 

Summary of Skills

Spring Framework
Spring Boot
Angular +8
React Native
.Net Core
Mule ESB
Identity Server

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